22nd Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics
La Jolla near San Diego, California
11-19 March, 2006 (scientific program: 12-18 March )
Workshop Topics
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Su Time Speaker Title
9-9:30 S. Voloshin Energy and system size dependence of anisotropic flow
9:30-10 M. Csanad Flow and correlations in heavy ion collisions
10-10:30 M. Bleicher Elliptic flow and constituent quark scaling of hadrons at RHIC energies
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 M. Issah Scaling characteristics of azimuthal anisotropy at RHIC
11:30-12 W. Holzmann Multi-Particle Correlations: A Powerful Probe for the sQGP at RHIC
12-12:30 Y.G. Ma Di-hadron correlation and Mach-like cone structures in parton/hadron transport model
5-5:30 T. Tarnowsky Long Range Rapidity Correlations in p+p, d+Au and Au+Au at 200 GeV
5:30-6 M. Heinz Can STAR p+p data help to constrain fragmentation functions for strange hadrons
6-6:30 Coffee
6:30-7 K. Werner Parton Ladder Splitting and the Rapidity and Flavor Dependence of Transverse Momentum Spectra in Deuteron-Gold Collisions at RHIC
7-7:30 D. Kharzeev Strong CP violation in hot QCD: from heavy ion collisions to cosmology

Mo Time Speaker Title
9-9:30 J. Dunlop What more can be learned from high pT probes at RHIC
9:30-10 D. Winter High-pt Particle Production with Respect to the Reaction Plane
10-10:30 M. VanLeeuwen High-pt spectra and correlations in Au+Au collisions
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 N. Grau High-pT Jet Correlations from PHENIX
11:30-12 I. Vitev Recent developments in jet quenching theory
12-12:30 H. Stöcker Di-Jet-suppression and MONO-jet emission at RHIC and LHC
5-5:30 P. Jacobs The glorious past and brilliant future of jet quenching
5:30-6 B. Cole The ATLAS Heavy Ion program
6-6:30 Coffee
6:30-7 B. Wyslouch Heavy Ion Physics with CMS at the LHC
7-7:30 E. Norbeck Physics at Very Small Angles with CASTOR

Tu Time Speaker Title
9-9:30 C. Klein-Boesing Systematic Study of Particle Production at High p_T in PHENIX
9:30-10 P. Sorensen Baryon production in heavy-ion collisions
10-10:30 L. Ruan Identified particle transverse momentum distributions up to 12 GeV/c in Au+Au collisions at RHIC
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 C. Vale Identified and inclusive charged hadron spectra from PHENIX
11:30-12 S. Salur Statistical strange hadron production at RHIC
12:00-12:30 R. Bellwied Jet Physics with identified particles at RHIC and LHC
12:30-1 A. Bonasera Dynamical Approach To Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
5-5:30 B. Back The Radioactive Beam Program at Argonne
5:30-6 A. Aprahamian The Notre Dame JINA program
6-6:30 Coffee
6:30-7 G. Westfall The Rare Isotope Accelerator program at MSU
7-7:30 W. Greiner Clusters of Matter and Antimatter

We Time Speaker Title
8:30-9 X. Lin PYTHIA Charm Fragmentation Function and Electron Spectra from D and B Mesons Semi-leptonic Decays in p+p collisions
9-9:30 M. Calderon Quarkonium measurements in STAR
9:30-10 W. Xie J/Psi Production in PHENIX Experiment at RHIC
10-10:30 A. Mocsy Heavy Quarkonia Above Deconfinement
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 R. Vogt Heavy Flavor Production at RHIC and LHC
11:30-12 C.L. DaSilva Electrons and heavy quark in PHENIX detector
12-12:30 O. Zaudtke Direct-Photon Production in PHENIX

Th Time Speaker Title
9-9:30 P. Kovtun Viscosity in strongly coupled gauge theories
9:30-10 S. Pratt Viscosity at RHIC
10-10:30 S. Gavin Measuring Viscosity
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 P. Petreczky Lattice QCD at finite temperature
11:30-12 C. Greiner Dilepton production from hot hadronic matter in nonequilibrium
12-12:30 D. Rischke Selfconsistent calculations of hadron properties in linear sigma models at high temperatures
5-5:30 J. Harris Suppression of Non-photonic Electrons at High Pt in STAR
5:30-6 K. Suzuki Probing chiral restoration from pionic atom
6-6:30 Coffee
6:30-7 S. Yokkaichi Vector meson modification measured in 12-GeV p+A interaction at KEK-PS
7-7:30 H. VanHees Medium modifications of hadrons and electromagnetic probes

Fr Time Speaker Title
9-9:30 A. Vandenbroucke Exclusive Processes at Hermes
9:30-10 J. Rubin Measurement of flavour separated quark polarisations at HERMES
10-10:30 I. Younos Probing Gluon Polarization with Longitudinally Polarized pp Collisions at RHIC
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 A. Deshpande The case for high energy deep inelastic scattering at eRHIC
11:30-12 A. Drees Short- and long-term future of RHIC and eRHIC
12-12:30 R. Lacey Imaging Results from PHENIX
5-5:30 S. Vogel Resonance Dynamics in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
5:30-6 C. Markert Resonance Production in RHIC collisions
6-6:30 Coffee
6:30-7 R. Holzmann CANCELLED
7-7:30 V. Pantuev Evidence of finite sQGP formation time at RHIC

Sa Time Speaker Title
9-9:30 E. Vardaci New clues on fission dynamics from systems of intermediate fissility
9:30-10 M. Kaplan Studies of Fragment Emission in the Reaction 856-MeV Mo-98 + V-51
10-10:30 W. Bauer New Observations on Fragment Multiplicities
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 K. Paech Density inhomogeneities in heavy ion collisions around the critical point
11:30-12 H. Gutbrod Status report on FAIR
12-12:30 M. Gai The Coulomb Dissociation of 8B; The Triumph of Good Science

--> First session will be on Sunday, March 12th.
Each talk will be 25+5 minutes long and there will be morning and evening sessions.

Workshop Organizers:
Wolfgang Bauer(MSU)
Rene Bellwied (WSU)
Manuel Calderon (UC Davis)