25th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics

Scientific Program

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Su, Feb.6 Time Speaker Title
9:00-9:30 Y. Pandit Beam Energy Dependence of directed and elliptic flow measurements from the STAR Experiment
9:30-10 S. Huang Measurements of charged hadron v2 and v4 in Au+Au Collisions at different beam energy
10-10:30 X. Li Rapidity dependence of azimuthal correlations for pp and dAu collisions at sqrt(s) = 200 GeV
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 M. Sharma Centrality dependence of transverse momentum correlations in Au+Au collisions at 200 GeV
11:30-12 X. Luo Search for the QCD Critical Point: Higher Moments of Net-proton Multiplicity
12:00-5 Lunch and Afternoon Break
5-5:30 R. Corliss Recent results on W production and asymmetry in polarized p+p collisions at STAR
5:30-6 A. Vossen Forward Transverse Single Spin Asymmetries at PHENIX
6-6:30 M. Walker Recent STAR results and future prospects on gluon polarization measurements from STAR
6:30-7 C. Guclu Lepton Pair Production Accompanied by Giant Dipole Resonance at RHIC and LHC

Mo, Feb.7 Time Speaker Title
9:00-9:30 C. Markert The evolution of hadronic resonance production from RHIC to LHC
9:30-10 B. Huang Recent STAR measurement on di-lepton spectrum from p+p collisions at sqrt(s)=200 GeV
10-10:30 L. Fabbietti Production of strange resonances at intermediate energies
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 M. Weber Inclusive e+e- pair production in p+p and p+Nb collisions at E=3.5 GeV
11:30-12 A. Sickles Azimuthal Correlations of electrons from Heavy Flavor Decay with Hadrons in Au+Au and p+p Collisions
12-12:30 A. Mischke Jet-like correlations of heavy-flavor particles - From RHIC to LHC
12:30-5 Lunch and Afternoon Break
5-5:30 S. Esumi v3 measurement at RHIC-PHENIX
5:30-6 A. Timmins Untriggerred di-hadron correlations in Pb+Pb 2.76 TeV collisions
6-6:30 A. Dumitru Two-particle correlations from the Color Glass Condensate
6:30-7 Y. Nara CGC initial conditions at RHIC and LHC
7-7:30 K. Werner Hydrodynamical evolution in heavy ion collisions and pp scatterings

Tu, Feb.8 Time Speaker Title
8:30-9:00 J. Bielcikova Jet reconstruction and underlying event studies in p+p and d+Au collisions from STAR
9-9:30 M. McCumber Reconstruction of Jet Fragments in Hadronic Collisions at PHENIX
9:30-10 A. Davila Jet Reconstruction in Heavy Ion collisions
10-10:30 A. Ohlson Jet-Hadron Correlations in STAR
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 A. Adare Dihadron correlations in Pb+Pb at the LHC
11:30-12 H. Pei Jet studies in STAR via 2+1 correlations in d+Au and Au+Au collisions at sqrt(s) = 200 GeV
12-12:30 C. Aidala The PHENIX Decadal Plan: Crafting the Future of RHIC
12:30-5 Lunch and Afternoon Break
5-5:30 J. Stroth Investigating Dense Nuclear Matter with HADES
5:30-6 H. Stroebele New results on proton observables from the NA49 collaboration
6-6:30 U. Mosel Nuclear Dynamics and Neutrino Oscillations
6:30-7 R. Lacey Higher order harmonics to constrain viscosity
7-7:30 T. Strother Kinetic Theory Supernova Simulations and Self-Consistent Monte-Carlo Neutrino Propagation Algorithms

We, Feb.9 Time Speaker Title
9:00-9:30 G. Kukartsev Higgs, SUSY and BSM results at CMS
9:30-10 J. Harris Recent results from ALICE
10-10:30 E. Wenger Jet physics in p+p and Pb+Pb collisions with the CMS experiment
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 J. Velkovska Soft physics in p+p and Pb+Pb collisions with the CMS experiment
11:30-12 L. Milano Measurement of identified charged hadron spectra with the ALICE experiment at the LHC
12-12:30 Z. Fodor The most recent results from lattice QCD
12:30-5 Lunch and Afternoon Break
5-5:30 J. Symons WestFest: A Longhorn in Bear territory
5:30-6 B. Jacak WestFest: A Firestreak Hits MSU: The Early Years
6-6:30 J. Kapusta WestFest: Sixty Years of Fireballs
6:30-7 H. Wang WestFest: Event Plane and Beam Energy Dependence of the Balance Function at RHIC
7-7:30 T. Tarnowsky WestFest: A Study of the QCD Critical Point Using Particle Ratio Fluctuations

Th, Feb.10 Time Speaker Title
9:00-9:30 M. Cervantes Upsilon Production and Upsilon-hadron correlations
9:30-10 M. Durham PHENIX Measurements of Cold Nuclear Matter Effects on Open Heavy Flavor in d+Au Collisions
10-10:30 L. Linden-Levy What do the latest J/Psi results from PHENIX tell us about cold nuclear matter effects?
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 J. Robles Dimuons in p+p and Pb+Pb collisions with the CMS experiment
11:30-12 A. Grelli Heavy Flavour Physics with the ALICE detector at LHC
12-12:30 M. Liu J/Psi Production and Asymmetry in Transversely Polarized p+p Collisions at RHIC

Fr, Feb.11 Time Speaker Title
9:00-9:30 D. Watanabe Low and intermediate $p_T$ direct photons via dielectron measurement in Cu+Cu collisions at RHIC-PHENIX
9:30-10 J. Frantz Photon-Jet 2-particle Correlations In PHENIX
10-10:30 R Petti Direct Photons in Au+Au Collisions Measured with the PHENIX Detector at RHIC
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 P. Chung Centrality dependence of 3D pion source images from 200AGeV Au+Au collisions from the STAR experiment
11:30-12 Z. Chajecki Probing the symmetry energy with heavy-ion collisions
12-5 Lunch and Afternoon Break
5-5:30 E. Bratkovskaya Properties of the partonic phase at RHIC within PHSD
5:30-6 J. Aichelin Centrality Dependence of observables- more than a core-corona effect?
6-6:30 O. Linnyk Signatures of the strongly interacting QGP in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
6:30-7 F. Navarra The gluon condensate and the equation of state of the QGP
7-7:30 B. Abelev Modeling the Quark Gluon Plasma with Chimera

Sa, Feb.12 Time Speaker Title
9:00-9:30 G. Ovanesyan Effective Theory description of Jets in dense QCD matter
9:30-10 B. Neufeld A derivation of the source term induced by a fast parton from the quark energy-momentum tensor
10-10:30 D. Fields Forward Silicon Vertex Tracker for the PHENIX experiment at RHIC
10:30-11 Coffee
11-11:30 I. Sagert Nuclear equation of state from neutron stars and core collapse supernovae
11:30-12 M. Gai Stellar Helium Burning Studied With an Optical Readout TPC (O-TPC).
12-12:30 E. Norbeck The Strangelet Saga